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MetaImprint, is an information repository of mammalian imprinted genes.
It collects mammal imprinted genes and focuses on genome and epigenome functional annotations of imprinted genes, currently consists of imprinted genes in 8 mammalian species, including 317 human genes (65 experiment-validated), 146 mouse genes (132 experiment-validated), 1 dog (canis) gene, 35 cow genes (27 experiment-validated), 3 sheep (ovis) genes, 29 pig genes (20 experiment-validated), 7 rat genes (6 experiment-validated) and 1 rabbit gene respectively.
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2013 Aug
Altered methylation of IGF2 DMR0 is associated with neural tube defects
IGF2 DMR0 hypermethylation is a potential risk factor of NTD, and IGF2 gene is a promising candidate gene to study for a greater understanding of the cause of NTDs.
2013 Aug
The prevalence of loss of imprinting of H19 and IGF2 at birth
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Imprinted gene infomation imprint status, allele expression, geneLoci, geneName, description
Differential imprinting status between tissues and cells
Research Course shows the reports of a particular imprinted gene
Imprinting disorders: Imprinting has been tied to the evolution of the placenta in mammals and defects of imprinting have been associated with human diseases.
Imprinted gene functional enrichment analysis
Analysis of epigenetic changes between the tissues/cells
Imprinted gene globle view (ImprintedGeneBrowser)
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